Why Ultimus?

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Today, Ultimus is recognized as a leading provider of BPM-based software, solutions, expertise and services. Drawing on Ultimus' experience and philosophy, customers are using Ultimus as a platform for automating many business processes throughout their organization and across their extended enterprise. These customers recognize the key factors that set Ultimus apart:

  • Unparalleled Real-World Experience and Leadership – As a global leader for over 20 years, Ultimus has helped customers across every major industry automate thousands of processes with BPM best practices, proven methodology, and leadership during all phases of a solution lifecycle. This experience eliminates the risk associated with investing in a new technology, and customers have peace of mind before, during, and after implementation. Ultimus has built an unparalleled set of skills, knowledge and expertise to not only accelerate and improve the success of BPM projects but, virtually guarantee it.
  • Global Presence with Local Expertise - Ultimus is the first BPM company with complete global capabilities. With offices in 11 countries and customers in 80 countries, Ultimus has the broadest geographic coverage of any BPM vendor. The software is available in 20 languages, and is supported by a worldwide Professional Services team and a 24/7 Support Center. Whether you are looking to automate a process in one region or one that crosses several geographic boundaries, Ultimus is well organized to help you succeed.
  • Comprehensive Portfolio of Offerings- Ultimus provides organizations with the tools and resources needed to implement and execute business process management projects successfully. With a comprehensive modular portfolio of offerings, Ultimus customers pay only for what they need. From enterprise solutions, to services, to skills and technology, customers can choose what best suits their needs.
  • Extensive and Flexible BPM Suite- Ultimus addresses all phases of the business process lifecycle with a complete software solution that can be used by all members of an organization with a wide variety of skill sets. Ultimus' software can be integrated with existing systems and is complemented by code-free, reusable buildings blocks of process solutions. With unprecedented ease of use, it allows for instant optimization adjustments for easy handling of day-to-day organizational changes. The time from request to results is nearly instantaneous.
  • Game-Changing Benefits and Ongoing Value- Ultimus provides endless business benefits to companies of all sizes and in all industries. Customers achieve improved business process efficiency as well as increased organizational productivity. Ultimus accelerates business performance to achieve strategic goals of operating with higher quality, while at the same time, reducing operating costs and controlling risk. Productivity is increased, costs are reduced and errors are prevented. These results fuel the growth for businesses to achieve a significant competitive advantage and increase profits. Achieving significant benefits and measurable results is the core mission of Ultimus and the basis for the ongoing success of its customers.