Customer Webinar: How to Use Machine Learning to Optimize Your Invoice Approval Process

Webinar run time: 37 minutes

Webinar Summary:

Hundreds upon hundreds of Ultimus customers have used our Digital Process Automation Suite to automate their invoice approval processes – it’s one of the most popular use cases!

While invoice workflow automation produces huge gains in productivity, using machine learning technology to extract invoice data takes efficiency to the next level. In fact, our customers have used it to reduce their cost per invoice by 80% to 90% - producing an all-in payback of about 6 months.

As an existing Ultimus licensee, your payback can be even faster.

This webinar will show you how to create an optimized end-to-end invoice solution that incorporates AI/ML technology, as well as best practice use of the Ultimus platform to:

  • Automatically launch process instances as invoices are received
  • Extract invoice data and populate forms with Ultimus AI Flobots
  • Configure automated escalations to capture available discounts
  • Use Ultimus Decision Flobots and business-friendly interfaces to manage rules for fully automated invoice approvals based on 3-way matching, invoice value, purchase type, and other process variables
  • Create rules for human-in-the-loop data verification and establish context-sensitive approval matrices
  • Produce reports and dashboards that maximize process visibility and cash flow.

Watch this webinar and learn how to use Ultimus and artificial intelligence to make transformational end-to-end invoice automation a practical reality for your organization.

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