Ultimus Webinar: Transforming Your Workflow Into BPM

An Ultimus BPM expert discusses the benefits of transforming workflow into business process management.

Automated workflow solutions provide real value to companies such as:

  • Moving away from paper
  • Evolving from “send and forget” email work styles
  • Having the ability to track and record specific human involvement in business operations

But companies can achieve even greater process results by employing features and functions in a BPM Suite (over and above simple workflow). This presentation will introduce three concepts in Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite that will allow companies currently employing workflow strategies to transform the workflow solutions to the next level. By integrating BPM concepts into your process strategies, you can: 

  1. Simulate and model your processes to detect bottlenecks before they happen
  2. Create real-time reporting dashboards for executives
  3. Make processes dynamic, flexible, and adaptive without the need for complete process redesign
Any company who currently has a workflow solution in place today should watch this presentation.

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