Return to Work Authorization

Return to Work Authorization automates the approval of employee return to work requests. In the event that an employee tests positive or has completed a self-isolation after an actual or potential exposure, this DPA Solution Starter is used by an employee to attest that they have tested negative, completed quarantine, and/or are symptom free so that they can safely return to work. Built-in form validations and readily configurable approval matrices, reports and dashboards, and timeline and symptom rules help ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

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Ultimus Solution Starters

Ultimus DPA Solution Starters are functional business process automation solutions that are readily configurable to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements. DPA Solution Starters are free to customers with a valid Ultimus license and support contract.

DPA Solution Starters deliver significant business value because, like all Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite solutions, they are composed from reusable digital assets according to our domain-driven engineering approach.