Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite

Ultimus Process Accelerators

Analysts and executives agree, the importance of a process-driven architecture is critical to a successful BPM deployment.

Ultimus accelerates deployment using Functional Blueprints and Process Prototypes, as well as best practices captured from thousands of process implementations that help drive organizational improvement and efficiency.

Ultimus Functional Blueprints

With Functional Blueprints, Ultimus has helped organizations deploy process architectures intelligently and align them to their business goals. These blueprints are designed and available across our entire solutions portfolio for industry, functional, and technical solutions.

Functional Blueprints provide the "big picture" view of departmental process architecture that comprise the process structure to core sub-processes through several layers. Process interaction, inter-relationships, and opportunities are clearly viewed to effectively design and plan process automation in alignment with the business goals.

Functional Blueprints

Jump Start Process Design with Ultimus Process Prototypes

Ultimus has hundreds of Process Prototypes - automated process best practice examples - that help “jump start” a customers design and automation. Finished templates would need to be broken down and “recompiled” to meet specific requirements. Our prototypes are workable starting points, built in our software, that accelerate a customer’s deployment effort.

Process Prototypes

Automate more with less effort at higher quality, reach your goals, and transform your business forever.

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Ultimus' new Composed Process Solutions (CPS) low-code platform is the FIRST real-time delivery platform for BPM.

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