Ultimus Webinar: Mobile Strategy for your Process Solutions


Mobile access for day-to-day company processing and operations is at an all time high.  This point is supported by the ever growing use of mobile phones and tablets (such as Apple iPad), especially at executive levels and the portions of your workforce who work primarily outside of the office. Evolving your live process solutions in order to support mobile technologies and remote access should be in your technology plans today.

Ultimus Solution

By working with our customers and partners, Ultimus has put together a strategic approach to help evolve your currently implemented process solutions. Using Ultimus’ latest web technologies and our Professional Services methodologies, your existing process solutions can be available for your mobile workforce. 

In this video, our BPM experts discuss the correct steps you can take in order to start evolving your process solutions to work on all popular internet browser applications and mobile devices.

Topics discussed include:

  • Latest Ultimus Web Technologies
  • Professional Services
  • Migration Steps

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