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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Saves Time and Costs Across all Processes with Enterprise Solutions

Backgroundcommonwealth MA

Ultimus Client: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Industry: Public Sector
Solution: Enterprise Solution

The State of Massachusetts Commonwealth consists of 11 major state departments, each of which are further separated in to 4-16 more highly focused state agencies. Massachusetts strives to deliver excellence in its efforts to keep its residents and workforce informed with the latest news, opportunities, legislation, and recreational information. However, with a population of more than 6 million people and a workforce numbering over 428,000 employees, this task can be more than cumbersome. The government is tasked with handling a large of number requests of various types from many different sources within the state including residents, businesses, visitors, and other government and state employees.


The State of Massachusetts Commonwealth has successfully implemented three key processes to date. They are also embarking upon a major expansion project to build and implement new processes as well as extend the current processes into various other state departments.

Process: New Employee Hiring, Human Resources Department

Challenge: Lack of transparency and antiquated approval method causing lengthy processing times

Success: Automate approval process and implement advanced tracking and notification system

With over 428,000 state employees, the hiring process for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a never-ending and burdensome job. On a daily basis, the HR department receives numerous job applications and hiring requests, all in need of close review and approval from various departments within the state government.  

Due to the volume of new hires and associated paperwork, the employee hiring process was extremely time consuming and labor intensive. In addition, the process was completely manual and many requests were lost or caught in process bottlenecks. Moreover, the HR Department did not have easy access to employee hiring data which would help them to make informed decisions on negotiations with new hires.

Using the Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite the Commonwealth of Massachusetts automated New Employee Hiring to provide greater visibility into the process and the entire HR department. By integrating with existing HR systems, hiring personnel can now compare the academic credentials and skills set of a prospective hire with those of the existing employee base, and extend credible offers to potential hires.  

Additionally, the department realized time and cost savings in the creation and storing of documents and the identification and elimination of bottlenecks.  With the help of Ultimus, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can now focus more time on analyzing and hiring more qualified state government officials.

Process: Email Hotline Tracking, Consumer Services Department

Challenge: Inconsistent process, lack of visibility

Success: Web-based forms for consistent, reportable, and trackable information

Serving as the main information resource center for everything “Massachusetts related,” from healthcare and legislation updates to education news, career opportunities, and economic updates, Massachusetts Commonwealth needed a solution to streamline its citizen questions, concerns, and complaints. Prior to process automation they had no way to track the status of an email, whether they were being received by the appropriate department, or who was even responding to the concerns if at all.

Implementing Ultimus’ BPM Suite allowed Commonwealth of Massachusetts to build web-based forms to capture pertinent information from the originator of the email. The completed forms are then sent to the complaint hotline and filed electronically. A notification is forwarded to the appropriate party who is responsible for reviewing and handling customer complaints. The complaint or questions are then processed and an email response is been sent back to the customer. This automated process allows agency and department heads to report and track the number and status of complaints submitted by citizens and businesses to ensure that they are being accurately managed. It also allows them to be more proactive in responding to their constituents and identifying patterns of complaints.

Process: IT Purchase Approval, IT Department

Challenge: Inconsistent data and approval process

Success: Electronic online forms for consistent data and email notification system

In a state government with close to half a million employees, having the latest technology and security software is of the utmost importance to ensure everyday tasks can be carried out effectively. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts receives 10 to 15 IT purchase requests per month for new equipment and software. The paper requests were processed manually and often lacked important information and details that were necessary for approval. As a result the requests had to be returned to the issuer for further details before they could be approved, thus causing delays in obtaining new technology.

To facilitate the IT Purchase Approval process, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts used the Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite to automate the process and implement electronic forms that are simple to use and accessible by employees online. The standardized forms require various details and information fields to be filled out in full before the request can be submitted. Since the process has been automated the cycle time for the approval process has greatly decreased and freed up time that historically has been spent tracking down issuers for further information.

Enterprise-Wide Implementation

Realizing they needed a Business Process Management solution, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts implemented Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite in 2005 to facilitate the transfer of information and documents between team members and across departments. They chose Ultimus because of its simple-to-use, adaptive, drag-and-drop functionality and the ease with which they could manage their processes.  

While collaborating with Ultimus to develop and launch their processes, Commonwealth of Massachusetts found “Ultimus has a top of the class support group” that has enabled rapid deployment in as short as two months, and has accelerated the success of their BPM initiatives.

Since their first implementation, Commonwealth of Massachusetts has developed and launched several processes and now has plans to expand their process improvement initiatives across multiple state agencies and departments.

The expansion project will incorporate 20 state agencies and integrate various systems across functional areas and departments to allow the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide an effective and efficient government.

Future Plans

Based on the positive feedback received from their state employees, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has since developed and launched several more processes and now has plans to expand their process improvement initiatives across multiple state agencies and
departments. The expansion project will incorporate 20 state agencies and integrate various systems across functional areas and departments. It will provide the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with the tools to run an effective government and continuously
improve their processes. What this means to the citizens of Massachusetts is efficient, responsive government agencies that can spend more time working proactively for the people of the state.

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  • Time consuming, inconsistent process
  • Paper forms and manual processing
  • Limited visibility in tracking status of requests


  • Streamlined and automated processes
  • Electronic flow of information, approvals, and notifications
  • Web-based forms for consistent and track-able information


  • Time and cost savings across all processes
  • Improved hiring practices for new state employees
  • Greater responsiveness to citizens’ concerns and questions


“Ultimus has a top-class support team, from sharing ‘best practices’ to troubleshooting that enabled rapid deployment in as short as two months.”