Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

EAI – close but not enough

Historically, business applications were built, deployed and managed separately by department and job function. EAI succeeded in transferring data from one application to another, but it failed to deliver a higher level of customer value. When Business Process Management (BPM) came onto the scene it was able to fill holes where EAI had failed including:

  • Orchestrating business processes
  • Triggering events
  • Handling exceptions
  • Ability to except change and collaboration needs

BPM’s Success

Ultimus provides a rich, intuitive user interface and a rules engine that orchestrates workflow. In addition to providing basic BPM capabilities, Ultimus has best-of-breed capabilities for:

  • Handling exceptions: Ultimus offers a suite of exception handling capabilities built-in.
  • Facilitating change: Ultimus provides a process optimization solution suite capable of rapid change.
  • Supporting collaboration: Since successful BPM initiatives need business and IT to work together, Ultimus provides a collaborative design and development environment.
  • Providing usability and visibility: After delivering BPM-based solutions for thousands of customers worldwide, Ultimus understands that BPM is only successful when people embrace the new way of doing business. This is why Ultimus has added hundreds of usability features than create a natural, intuitive working environment.

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