MWD Advisors Analyst Report —  Blockchain for Business: Vendor Landscape

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Blockchain platforms have evolved from their cryptocurrency origins. They are now being built to target enterprise use cases across many different industries (from financial services, through manufacturing and the supply chain, to healthcare, insurance, government, telecoms, and more). They’re also becoming far better integrated with business systems and complementary technologies like IoT and business analytics platforms – and coming ready-built as managed services, wrapped in enterprise-friendly tools and utilities to make it easier to adopt in production environments.

Top takeaways:

  • Moving from proofs-of-concept to production
  • Enterprise IT demands enterprise blockchain
  • Blockchain platforms have evolved

Download this report to learn how blockchain technology has evolved, to understand the most important standardization and ecosystem initiatives, and to learn about the work that vendors large and small are doing in this fast-moving space.


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