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An Industrial Approach to Software Development

Combining experience as a BPMS vendor and solutions implementer, Ultimus has identified a high degree of commonality in solution requirements and has replaced the traditional “craftsman approach” to solution development with an “industrial approach”, where software solutions are manufactured automatically in real-time. This “industrial approach” to creating business software solutions produces the order of magnitude improvements in delivery time, quality, and costs that have been enjoyed by other industrialized industries.

In this white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • The emergence of Business Process Management Suites (BPMS) and related challenges that arose over the years
  • Ultimus' new industrial approach to creating a single solution to a group of business problems
  • Requirements and similarities that all BPM solutions share
  • The components of Ultimus' Service Request and User Interface ServiceTM (SRUISTM)
  • The benefits of using this approach, such as an 80% faster time-to-live and cross solution compatibility
  • And much more

An Industrial Approach to Software Development

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