Complex Event Processing vs. BPM

by Ultimus on Fri, Aug 29, 2008 @ 02:07 PM
Comment as posted by Chris Adams on The Complex Event Processing Blog: This is certainly an interesting subject. As I have seen business process management (BPM) become more ubiquitous, I have also noticed a trend where the processes being automated have greater needs. As opposed to simple "Sales Order Management" or "Employee Roll On" processes being automated today, the average customer is looking to provide more value to their automated process. As such, I see this as a great opportunity for BPM to take advantage of CEP. I definitely agree that CEP is not BPM as well as BPM not being CEP. Rather, I see that automated business processes that leverage CEP can make the BPM users more effective and efficient in providing real-time value to the end customer. More and more, as I talk to customers who are looking to get a greater return out of their business processes, I am talking to them about CEP and how it can increase ROI for them exponentially if it is implemented correctly. I am excited about the advantages that CEP has introduced to BPM to this point, and will continue to track it going forward.   

Chris Adams
Vice President of Product Marketing and Management

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