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A Solution for IT and Business Alike

Today many large organizations are adding BPM-like capabilities. Their goal is to convince customers that one big development platform is the best solution. This approach is not correct. Successful business process optimization requires strong teamwork between businesses and IT. The business processes technology must also handle exceptions and change. This people-centric focus is part of what makes BPM successful.

Ultimus’ Built-in, People-centric Capabilities

Ultimus enables companies to rapidly deploy our cost-effective, flexible BPM solution. Our out-of-the-box solution offers advanced built-in capabilities to handle the unique BPM requirements. While it may be possible to develop these process-centric capabilities with a development platform, it would require greater time, effort and cost.

  • Collaborative design and development – Ultimus provides a user environment that enables IT and business teams to work together to design and develop their processes.
  • Rapid automation – Ultimus was the first BPM company in the industry to use a “code-free” approach to process design and is the only company to rapidly integrate the process to existing systems using drag-and-drop tools
  • Complete visibility and control – Ultimus provides a complete set of reports as well as the only interactive-business activity monitoring capabilities that allows management to measure process effectiveness against key performance indicators.
  • Agility to handle exceptions and change

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