Delving into Business Process Management: A Creative's Perspective

by Taylor Leighton on Tue, Nov 09, 2010 @ 11:29 AM

In Design School, one of the beginning principles that instructors drilled into our heads was the “Pick Two Rule”.  There are three ways to get work done: fast, good, and cheap.  This rule is to be consulted with a client before any project in order for both parties to understand what is expected.  The client gets to pick which two they prefer and must understand that they cannot have all three.

business process management pick two

Good & Fast, Not Cheap – The client’s project can be moved up the list of priorities, involve more people on the project, and add man hours to the work schedule for the week. However, all these of these benefits come at a price.

Good & Cheap, Not Fast – Design will be well executed at a fairly decent price but will be worked on at the designer’s chosen pace.

Cheap & Fast, Not Good – Insisting on a project done fast and cheap never produces good, quality work.  The client has to live with that decision and the project that they receive out of it.

Although this triangle of conditions has been a mainstay for the design world, it can easily be a rule applied to other areas, such as the business process management realm.  The competition between BPM vendors is fierce; with nuances of differences between each, choosing one for your company can be very difficult.  Ultimus has strived to prove itself as the one BPM vendors challenging the latter of the Pick Two triangle. Unlike larger companies, Ultimus promises high quality software with an excellence in customer support, professional services and training. Other vendors may claim they are cheaper and/or faster, but these things come at the misfortune of their customers. Ultimus’ customers are some of the most satisfied in the BPM world because of the undivided attention they get from a smaller, more nimble vendor.   Several customers have even stated they looked at other companies only to be won over by Ultimus’ ease of access to customer support.  Check out UltimusTV to hear customers speak on their experience with Ultimus.

Proving my point:

  • In October 2010, Ultimus signed a new customer who had previously decided to go with a more expensive BPM vendor in 2009.  This new customer came back to Ultimus after unsuccessfully trying to implement this vendor’s BPM solution for more than 18 months.  Also, Ultimus was the chosen BPM provider because of our straight-forward BPM process methodology and easy-to-understanding process solution pricing.
  • Ultimus understands enterprise BPM success is built on the foundation of individual process success.  In other words, process success one process at a time. Additionally, by licensing Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite one process at a time, the customer’s risk of heavily investing in a BPM platform that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars is mitigated.
  • Ultimus has a specific focus on customer care and BPM growth within our customer base.  By providing a continual e-learning program, free software upgrades, and new innovations in the areas of cloud, web, and process improvements, Ultimus’ customers always have growth opportunities.

In the end, you get what you pay for, and with Ultimus’ thought leadership and flexibility, we are able to deliver what the bigger companies cannot. 


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Emily McKenzie

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