Make your Business Processes Dynamic with iBAM Dials

by Laura Storjohann on Tue, Nov 02, 2010 @ 03:25 PM

What is iBAM, you ask? It is interactive Business Activity Monitoring, which is a way for business managers and owners to visually monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) from the convenience of their computers and interactively control processes for full optimization.

Consider the Capital Expense Approval Process below:

Capital Expense Approval Process resized 600

To determine when each one of the approval levels needs to get involved, a threshold needs to be defined. This threshold can be hardcoded into the process or loaded from an external database. Additionally, it can be dynamically set by process owners to adapt to the changes required by internal policies, environment, management needs, legislation and so on.

The problems with the first and second approaches are that to make changes to their approval thresholds, users are dependant on process changes and re-deployment or in database modifications that will require them to go through the proper procedures. Many times, this is through IT and Database Administrators.

With the third approach, process owners can be empowered to securely and dynamically control these thresholds according to the changing needs of their organization. This requires no re-deployment, no DBA and no IT request forms. By simply changing the threshold values for each of the dials below, the process owner can determine the threshold where for each level of approval needs to be involved, all within a secure environment.

iBAM dials resized 600

The dials above mean that Managers can approve Capital Expenses up to $300, Directors up to $800, Vice Presidents up to $2500, CFO’s up to $5000 and CEO’s up to $9000. So for values below $300, only the Manager needs to be involved and all remaining approvers don’t need to review the Capital Expense. On the other end, the CEO only needs to approve if the value is above $9000.

Now suppose the CEO wants to approve at the same level as the CFO. All that needs to be done is to turn the CEO dial above to 5000. The next instance of the Capital Expense Approval will have to go through the CEO if the Value is above $5000. This is accomplished by turning a dial, not requiring coding or re-deployment.

Adapting quickly has now, more than ever, become a matter of survival for organizations. Using iBAM Dials is only one way that the Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite allows you to change the way you manage and operate your processes.

Are YOU planning your processes for future changes?

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