Business Process Management: Open To Integration

by Taylor Leighton on Wed, Oct 13, 2010 @ 12:18 PM

Today, rapidly changing technology and complex business needs demand Business Process Management software: software that is designed to encapsulate and adapt to unique requirements over a broad range of customers. BPM software must be designed with a forward-looking approach so that it can adapt to the unknown, with the idea: I don’t know who my next customer is and I don’t know what their requirements are going to be. It must be flexible enough to handle requirements such as different database providers, a variety of document types (like Word, Excel, InfoPath, PDF), as well as interface with SharePoint, ERPs, HR, accounting and legacy systems.


Another instance where BPM software must be flexible is handling customer-specific software components. A quality BPM product should be able to interface with software components developed by the customer. For example, imagine a company with a series of web services or an existing framework of software services (i.e. service-oriented architecture, or SOA) that provides access to business layer functionality.  If the company then needs to access these services within a process, there needs to be an easy way for BPM software to hook into this data at any point of the process lifecycle. Ultimus does this through its out-of-the-box integration via web services, .NET, database, SharePoint and other Flobots and process level integration wizards. Data can be both pulled and pushed  from (or to) external systems.


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Ultimus provides support for all of the above and more and the BPM Suite is a platform for creating solutions which optimize, automate, and make existing (paper-based or partially automated) business processes more efficient.  It is designed with an open-ended architecture and can adapt to a broad range of existing customer requirements.


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