Eliminate the black screen: Your Company's New Year's Resolution

by MK Strupe on Wed, Jan 13, 2010 @ 10:19 AM

Recently I was speaking with a Process Improvement Director, at one point in our conversation a connection happened, he said "oh, you can eliminate the black screen".  Being in charge of Process Improvement he had seen a great deal of automation and the benefits it provides but he had also realized that the more he automated the more systems he had to report on, learn and use on a daily basis.  So, eliminating the black screen (i.e. having to switch from application, to application) rung clear with him.

It makes me wonder how many organizations out there are switching from system to database to another system only to find a great deal of the same information.

Imagine having everything in one place; imagine not having to use multiple channels to update or access certain pieces of information; imagine having all of your current business applications and systems at your finger tips. Sound nice? We think so. The ability to integrate multiple systems is one of the many benefits of a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS).

BPMS's streamline all aspects of an organization to promote process efficiency and effectiveness. This entails serving as a platform that connects and links multiple systems that may not otherwise communicate with each other. What does this mean for process participants?

  • Less computer screens to look at
  • Fewer systems and business applications to login into
  • Technologies that communicate with each other, sharing vital information and data
  • Less manual data entry, and thus, less human error
Integrating with legacy systems, operational systems, databases, and business applications, a comprehensive BPMS delivers fluid system networking capabilities to help your company increase productivity and reduce costs associated with rework.


Nicole Contardo
Marketing Director

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