Ultimus BPM Suite 7.3

The Fastest and Most Reliable Ultimus 7 Release Yet

Ultimus BPM Suite 7.3 is the latest version release for current users of Ultimus 7, that brings many new enhancements and benefits to those who upgrade. V7.3 includes new features and improvements that will increase the usability of Ultimus BPM Suite when developing and maintaining process solutions.

Enhancements and features of Ultimus BPM Suite 7.3 include:

  • Ultimus WebClient 2015 support
  • Improved Ultimus Engine and Server stability
  • Improved Ultimus Engine and Server performance
  • Performance optimization specific to each customer
  • Support for the most recent Microsoft versions
  • Updated user interface for upgrades from V7.1

http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/54405/file-15407146-gif/images/pdficon1.gif?t=1423003299873Learn more about 7.3 benefits

Don’t forget: Ultimus 7.0/7.1 support will end on January 1, 2016, and Ultimus 7.2 support will end on July 1, 2016. Don’t be left unsupported.

If you are a current Ultimus customer and have not yet upgraded to 7.3, please let us know by filling out this form with all of your customer information. We will then contact you shortly to schedule a brief advisory call in order to provide you with the download links and assist you with the proper actions you will need to take in order to proceed.

Upgrade to Ultimus 7.3

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