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Ultimus Announces Release of Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite 2016

Posted on: December 16, 2015

Ultimus is pleased to announce that Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite 2016, the seventh and most important release in its Version 8 family of products, is now available.

Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite 2016 contains numerous and important enhancements and new functionality that greatly improves solution creation, administration, documentation, and reporting capabilities, as well as support of new technologies.

As Ultimus 2016 has no technological, architectural, or usage breaks with its direct predecessors, there are no migration requirements when upgrading from Ultimus 8.4 or from Ultimus 2014.

New enhancements of Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite 2016 include:

  • The ability to create zero-footprint forms directly and natively form Ultimus BPM Studio
  • The ability to automatically generate extensive and detailed HTML format Process Solution Documentation and to define custom documentation templates
  • A Process Administrator EIK enabling automated process administration using WCF Web Services
  • Process Administrator Enhancements that enable filtering of Incidents and Tasks federated across multiple process versions
  • The ability to add custom user fields to the Ultimus OrgChart
  • The ability for end-users to login from multiple devices concurrently
  • Support for the Ultimus WebClient with Ultimus Advanced Task Service (UATS) 2015, which are available separately, as well as support for the upcoming 2016 releases of these technologies
  • Support for new additional Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Prior to accessing Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite 2016, we ask that customers please schedule an advisory call so that we can provide you with the best possible experience with this new release.

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