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Release of Ultimus BPM Suite 7.3

Posted on: April 15, 2014

Ultimus is pleased to announce the release of Ultimus BPM Suite 7.3.

This release will provide Ultimus 7 customers with a significantly improved BPM Suite 7. Containing numerous usability and quality improvements, Ultimus 7.3 provides support for the latest technologies, and has greatly enhanced Ultimus Engine and Server performance and robustness. These enhancements make Ultimus 7.3 the fastest and most reliable Ultimus 7 release yet.

New enhancements of Ultimus BPM Suite 7.3 include:

  • Native support for the new Ultimus Advanced Task Service with Ultimus WebClient 3.0
  • Greatly improved Ultimus Engine and Server robustness and stability – no issues while testing with more than 100,000 incidents
  • Significantly improved Ultimus Engine and Server performance
    • Most server functions are now 5% - 20% faster when handling large amounts of data
    • Ultimus Administrator now handles operations up to 5 times faster
    • Ultimus Report generation can be as much as 5 times faster
  • Support for customer specific performance optimization services – please get in touch with your Ultimus Account Manager for details
  • Support for new Microsoft technologies (Windows 8 / 8.1, IE 10 and IE 11, Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2, MS SQL Server 2012, Microsoft Office 2013)
  • Additional resolutions for previously reported customer issues

In order to access Ultimus BPM Suite 7.3, please sign up to schedule an advisory call. During the call, we will assist you with the proper actions you will need to take in order to proceed.