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Now Available: Ultimus WebClient 2016 / Ultimus Advanced Task Service 2016

Posted on: July 26, 2016

July 26, 2016 – Ultimus announces the release of Ultimus Advanced Task Service and Ultimus WebClient 2016 (UATS/WebClient 2016). This release includes an entirely new end user interface that optimizes usability for mobile devices, as well as for desktops and laptops. UATS/Ultimus WebClient 2016 has also been enhanced to provide enterprise-scale performance, security, and usability for all Ultimus BPM suite customers, and for Ultimus Composed Process Solutions (CPS) customers in particular.

Customers deploying Ultimus Advanced Task Service and Ultimus WebClient 2016 will benefit from:

Usability and performance enhancements such as:
  • Entirely new, intuitive, easy-to-use WebClient interface that is greatly enhanced for mobile and touchscreen devices;
  • A cohesive, highly integrated work environment with Ultimus solutions;
  • Faster, secure opening of CPS and custom forms;
  • Enhanced localization support; and
  • Simplified folder sharing.

Administration and operation simplifications and enhancements such as:
  • Flexible user folders that can be defined with centrally-managed rules;
  • Improved external data synchronization, especially with Oracle; and
  • Simplified and optimized UATS Administrator user rights handling.

Performance and stability improvements including:
  • Faster WebClient-UATS communication using WebSockets;
  • Optimized and enhanced synchronization between Ultimus BPM Servers and UATS, as well as improved and simplified housekeeping;
  • Revised cache behavior to increase the speed of frequently performed searches; and
  • Improved login and refresh of processes for faster response times.

More detailed information about these and other new features and enhancements in this version can be found in the UATS/WebClient 2016 Release Notes.

In order to ensure the best possible experience with this new release, we ask that customers complete the UATS/WebClient request form prior to accessing Ultimus Advanced Task with Ultimus WebClient 2016.