Built-in Up Front

One of the most important benefits of Ultimus is that many optimization features are built into the Ultimus BPM Suite up front. Unlike many BPM Systems, Ultimus’ built-in optimization and adaptation capabilities mean that process exceptions, change and collaboration are ready to go out of the box. No coding and development work is required meaning, faster deployment at an affordable cost.

Ultimus Optimization

Powerful, Real-time Results

The Need to Change and Optimize

Today’s business environment changes rapidly and business processes must adapt quickly to keep pace. Continuous process optimization is a must for surviving in such a dynamic business world. By focusing on the people who use and manage the BPM system, Ultimus has created a flexible, adaptable BPM system that embraces change and facilitates Business Process Optimization.

Changing Rules in Real Time

Ultimus Director - Changing Rules in Real Time

Ultimus extracts business rules from the process logic and puts them in a business friendly rules environment for Adaptive Discovery. The system, called Ultimus Director allows:

  • Rapid rules change – through Adaptive Discovery
  • Simple drag and drop environment – without programming
  • Straightforward change functionality
  • Built-in Exception Handling – makes it easy to return or resubmit a task or deliver dynamic routing for special cases
  • Readily accessible business rules including: changed, tested and deployed

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Dynamic Optimization in Real Time with Ultimus iBAM

Ultimus is the only Business Optimization Software provider with a complete suite of interactive Business Activity Monitoring controls. The Ultimus iBAM suite offers:

  • Real-time visibility and control
  • Easy-to-use, yet powerful interface
  • Managers visually monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) from the convenience of their desktops
  • Interactively process control for roundtrip optimization.

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Dynamic Optimization