Ultimus Process Management

Visibility and Control into Your Most Sensitive Processes


Ultimus Adaptive Suite BPM iBAM

Reports and Intelligence

The Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite provides management with reports and tools to evaluate the effectiveness of your workflow system. Ultimus iBAM, or interactive Business Activity Monitoring, provides an unprecedented level of visibility and control to both business and IT process users including:

  • Detailed, drill-down reports and business intelligence
  • Insight into process effectiveness
  • Quickly identify workflows in need of process improvement or process re-engineering
  • Increase organizational productivity and quality
  • Reduce costs

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Ultimus Adaptive Suite BPM Administrator

System Management

A BPM Administrator must have visibility into the BPM system in order to monitor the process incidents, to manage security and access to the processes, and to make changes. The Ultimus Process Administrator module details the:

  • Number of incidents, active users, and transactions taking place in the system
  • Status of process incidents and client workload, to ensure the process is in a proper balance
  • Add or remove user function from selected processes
  • Update user information to reflect changes in jobs and responsibilities