CPS Training, Solution Certification, and Mentoring Services

1. CPS Training/ Solutions Professional Certification

Ultimus provides Composed Process Solutions training so that individuals who have completed training can become CPS Certified Solutions Professionals. Certification is provided to individuals that have completed training, rather than to their affiliated organizations. 


CPS trainees should have a good understanding of BPM technology and some familiarity with Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite. Ultimus and Ultimus partners offer a variety of training courses in order to fulfill this prerequisite.

CPS trainees should also have a working proficiency of the English language. Arrangements for training in an individual’s native language may be possible, although an additional charge may apply.

Scope and Cost

Ultimus has determined that training is most effective when conducted in a practical, hands-on manner.  In this regard, the training curriculum will focus on the creation of an automated, functioning CPS-based business process solution; for instance, an “Incoming Invoice Approval Process”. 

Training is conducted with a live trainer over five consecutive days, either remotely via an internet connection with satisfactory bandwidth or onsite. Live training sessions are three hours in duration; however, trainees should expect to spend additional time for practice and for trainer-assigned exercises.

In order to provide the best possible training, remote training is limited to one participant and onsite training is limited to five participants.

2. CPS Solution Certification

In addition (or as an alternative) to CPS training, Ultimus offers CPS Solution Certification. Individuals with a valid CPS license may submit a CPS-based solution to Ultimus Enterprise Solutions professionals for analysis and determination of conformity with CPS composing best practices. Such solutions will receive the CPS Certified Solution designation.

Costs for CPS Solution Certification vary depending on the number of form controls, the nature and handling of documents, process flow complexity, and integrations.

3. CPS Mentoring Services

Organizations with at least one CPS Certified Solution Professional and a valid CPS license may wish to receive additional training, mentoring, and guidance. 

Mentoring sessions are conducted remotely, either live or offline via the CPS Mentoring Portal. Ultimus will accommodate live mentoring requests within 3 days of a request and will respond to offline inquiries within 2 days of submission. 

The number of hours charged to each request will be the actual time required by Ultimus staff to fulfill the request.  

The cost of CPS Mentoring depends on the number of annual hours of mentoring contracted. Payment is due annually in advance and unused hours expire at the end of each 12-month contract period.  

For further information on CPS or any Ultimus training program, please contact your Account Representative or email us at info@ultimus.com.

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