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Ultimus BPM Process Automation

"While many BPM suites 'show' process steps in parallel, few if any can actually execute them in parallel like Ultimus does."

Adaptive and Agile

True Collaborative Development

Once your process has been designed and modeled, it’s turned over to the IT team for development. Forms, rules, roles, and routing are implemented and the workflow map is connected with other IT systems and databases in the organization.

Collaborative process development and modification is achieved through a simple check-in/check-out system:

Sample Process

  1. “Check-out” individual process components for independent work
  2. One user creates forms while another defines event conditions
  3. “Check-in” completed components
  4. Publish, instantly to local or remote BPM servers

Complete Automation of Enterprise Workflow

Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite provides complete workflow automation and sustainable process optimization, across departments and applications.

What makes the Ultimus BPM Suite easy to use?

  • Ultimus “Flobots™” – allow process integration using point and click functionality
  • Development time is shortened; the need for writing complex code is eliminated
  • Web service support and many open interfaces enable seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

The Brains Behind the Process

The Ultimus BPM Server is the “brains” behind workflow automation:

  • Controls the process execution
  • Coordinates and synchronizes responses from Clients
  • Performs the housekeeping, decision-making and routing required for process management
  • Manages all live processes and the status of each incident

The Ultimus Difference

Some of Ultimus’ advantages in workflow automation include:

  • True Collaborative Development – allows multiple developers to check process components in and out while maintaining versions and security.
  • Rapid Automation Agents (Flobots) – reduce development time
  • Parallel Step Execution – while many BPM suites “show” process steps in parallel, few if any can actually execute them in parallel like Ultimus does. The Ultimus rules engine has many capabilities that other engines do not.